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Great products at a great price - free?

Office Suite

The Open Source Community is developing some incredible products one of those is which is an office suite that can read and write the big guy’s office documents. It is free for both personal and business use (see the site for license details). The following is quote from the web site in describing the features: 1.1 gives you everything you'd expect in office software. You can create dynamic documents, analyse data, design eye-catching presentations, produce dramatic illustrations, and open up your databases. You can publish your work in Portable Document Format (.pdf), and release your graphics in Flash (.swf) format - without needing any additional software. International users are not forgotten, with support for complex text layout (CTL) languages (such as Thai, Hindi, Arabic, and Hebrew) and vertical writing languages.

If you're used to using other office suites - such as Microsoft Office - you'll be completely at home with 1.1. However, as you become used to 1.1, you'll start to appreciate the extras that make your life easier. You can of course continue to use your old Microsoft Office files without any problems - and if you need to exchange files with people still using Microsoft Office, that's no problem either.

The following two are free for personal use (see respective site for license details). Both are best of class type products so no home user should have an excuse for not having a firewall and Anti-Virus software on their computers.

Personal Firewall

ZoneAlarm is a great way to keep hackers out of your computer. The free version provides basic protection. ZoneAlarm is a recognized personal firewall product with millions of users.


Grisoft's AVG Anti-Virus is a great anti-virus product. We were so impressed with this product that we've become an authorized reseller. We highly recommend it to all of our clients. Grisoft, graciously, makes it available at no charge for personal use (see their web site for license details).


Unsolicited email, also known as spam - don't you just hate it? Well MailWasher will help in deleting it before you download the mail to your computer. The free version handles one account. See the web site for license details. This is a great time saver. Here's some info from their web site.

MailWasher works directly with your email server, exactly like your email program does. But there is one important difference: you can tell MailWasher to delete a message at the server, without downloading it - or you can bounce an email back to the sender so that it looks as though your address is not valid.

MailWasher retrieves information about all the emails on the server. With that information (some of which is also processed by MailWasher) you can decide what to do with each individual email - download, delete, or bounce back.

Control Popups

Do you hate those annoying popups? Then EMS Free Surfer is for you. It is freeware (see the web site for license details). From their web site:

EMS Free Surfer mk II is multilanguage supported freeware popup stopper, cache cleaner and surfing companion for Internet Explorer. FS and its fs-20 inference chain engine do not in any way interfere with opening new windows. No white lists, block lists or anything; just start it and surf in peace. And it's configuration free.

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